Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is very non-reactive and inert material, and is often used in containers holding reactive and corrosive chemicals. PTFE maintains high strength, toughness and self-lubrication at low temperatures, while offering good flexibility at high temperatures. PTFE materials are hydrophobic (repelling water) and have lowest coefficients of friction. PTFE also has excellent dielectric properties and provides excellent thermal insulation within a wide operating temperature range of -400°F to 500°F.
PTFE conforms to both FDA and AMS specifications, making it excellent for both medical and food production industries. Phelps can fabricate PTFE components to your application's specifications and needs. We also can sell whole and part PTFE sheets if you chose to do your own fabrication

Style 7530 - Virgin PTFE

Style 7531 - Reprocessed PTFE (less expensive than Virgin PTFE)

Style 7532 - Virgin PTFE, Glass Filled

Style 7535 - Expanded Virgin PTFE

Style 7536 - Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE

Style 7537 - Silica Filled PTFE

Style 7538 - Glass Micro-Spheres Filled PTFE

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