Hatch packing

Hatch packing is used to achieved weather-tightness and sealing in various applications. Hatch packings are UV radiation resistant and applicable in a wide temperature ranges. All Hatch packings are available with covers to reduce friction for easier sliding with a minimum wear.

Phelps offers Hatch Packing in Natural Rubber (open cell sponge), which is an excellent material for general purpose use. The sponge core has a strong solid skin to reduce damage on the packing surface, and is fabricated from a strong natural rubber offering the best compression and a minimum wear. We also offer Neoprene Rubber for higher temperature and ozone resistance. Upon special request, we offer Nitrile Rubber as well for use in applications requiring gas and oil resistance.

Industry application of hatch packing include: Packings for tank lid & hatch cover, seals for cargo covers, and access ramp doors for many vessels including: Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Ferry Lines, Oil & Gas and Chemical Tankers, Rail Cars.  Additionally, hatch packing is used for watertight doors, skylights, ullage plugs and other marine applications.

Style 8000 - Hatch Packing Sponge Core Chamfered

Style 8001 - Hatch Packing Sponge Core No Chamfer

Style 8010 - Hatch Packing Solid Rubber Chamfered

Style 8011 - Hatch Packing Solid Rubber No Chamfer

Style 8200 - LST, LSD, LCU, Ramp Door Gasket

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