Graphite / PTFE Packing

Phelps Graphite/PTFE line of compression packing products combine the heat dissipating characteristics of graphite with the chemical resistant and durability of PTFE. This combination makes these braided packing styles a versatile product for pumps and valves, and for rotating equipments such as mixers and agitators. Furthermore, these Phelps braided packing styles are great for sub-optimal mechanical conditions including pumps where there is an axial or elliptical shaft run out,  worn pumps, and deflecting shafts.


Style 2024 - Graphite/PTFE Packing

Style 2046 - Graphite/PTFE with Aramid Corners (Bumble-Bee)

Style 2056 - Graphite/PTFE/Silicone Core (High Temperature Inert)

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