PTFE Packing

PTFE is known for outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals, low coefficient of friction, very little water absorption, and wide temperature tolerance including cryogenic applications. Therefore, PTFE compression packings are great for demanding applications where strong solvents, corrosive chemicals and oxidising media require to be sealed.

Phelps PTFE gland packings are designed for use in: check and needle valve stems, reciprocating rods, rams, plungers, safety injection system valves.

Phelps PTFE packings are ideal for general valve & pump applications in: Water treatment, chemical processing, food processing, cryogenic applicaions, industrial gas processing, and hospitals


Style 2031 - Pure PTFE Packing - FDA (Food Grade)

Style 2033 - Pure PTFE with PTFE suspensoid and silicone oil

Style 2034 - Pure PTFE Packing with Hi-Temp PTFE Suspensoid

Style 2440 - Pure PTFE Cord/For Valves

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