Frenzelit Compressed Gasket Sheet

Since our inception in 1945, compressed gasket sheet has been an integral part of our success story. Our ability to recognize and respond to our customers needs attracted and maintained gasket business from the Marine, Steel, Chemical, Utility, Paper and other processing industries. We are a dominant force in our market with over 70 years of service. 

Over two decades ago Phelps introduced Frenzelit's revolutionary line of compressed gasket sheet to the U.S as the sole distributor. Frenzelit's Nova Press Multi, a Compressed Graphite Composite sheet, has long dominated the compressed sheet market in Europe. Frenzelit manufactures Compressed Sheet, Beater Addition, Textiles, Expansion Joints, Mill Board and other related products.

Style 7075 - NOVATEC 825F Engineered Graphite

Style 7085 - NOVATEC 925F Engineered Graphite

Style 7087 - NOVATEC Premium Engineered Graphite with Kevlar®

Style 7095 - Novapress multi II Compressed Graphite Composite

Style 7097 - Novapress multi EG Compressed Graphite Wire Reinforced Composite

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