Graphite / PTFE Packing

Style 2024 - Graphite/PTFE Packing

Phelps Style 2024 is comparable to GFO® fiber in performance but at a lower cost - Testing between 2046 and GFO® fibers show equivalent performance - Tests include leak rate, heat transfer and elevated temperature yarn shrinkage.

Centerlock® braided from pure CPL fiber - Carbon, a high purity graphite;PTFE; and high temperature inert Lubricant. This unique packing has a graphite content of over 50%. The end result of this high graphite content is longer wear, better heat transfer, and a broad pH range. Less than 50% PTFE in the yarn makes this packing kinder to the shaft while retaining good abrasion resistance.

GFO® is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates. Centerlock® is a registered trdemark of Phelps Industrila Products

-400°F/ -240°C to 550°F / 288°C
4912 FPM | 25 meters/sec (shaft speed)
Graphite/PTFE Yarn (CPL Fiber)
High Temperature Inert

In general, Phelps Style 2024 is designed for speed and temperatures higher than those that can be handled by pure PTFE packing


High speed pumps, and rotating & reciprocating equipment
Valves, agitators, mixers, driers, refiners, , expansion joints


Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Refineries & Petrochemical Plants.
Wastewater Treatment, Sugar Plants.
Pulp & Paper Industry, Marine Services.

Max Size
2" (thickness)
Material Advantages
Testing between CPL and GFO® fibers have shown the products are equivalent in performance.
Tests include leak rate, heat transfer and elevated temperature yarn shrinkage.
Environment Suitability
Sludges, slurries, waste water
Air, water, sea water, brines, superheated steam
Petroleum oils, petroleum fuels, solvents, chemicals, liquefied gas
Corrosives, ammonia, oils, liquor, paper stock, condensate
Avoid Exposure To
Molten alkali metals, flourides, aleum, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia, and other strong oxidizing agents
Competitor Equivalent
American Braiding: Style 8000T & 8200BIL
Chemstar: Style 165 & 165LA
Chesterton: Style 1750 & 1830
Crane: Style C1065 & C1070
Garlock: Style C1065 & C1070
Palmetto: Style 1382
Teadit: Style 210 & 2007
Sepco: Style ML 4002 & ML 3600
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