Close Cell Sponge

Style 7401 - Soft Density Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge

This soft density neoprene sponge is manufactured in a closed cell construction providing low torque gasket material impervious to a variety of media. This material's closed cell sponge rubber structure works great in wet and moist conditions (HVAC applications and NEMA enclosures)

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Phelps Style 7401 - Soft Density, Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge
-70°F/-57°C to 200°F/93°C

Cushioning applications
Excellent gasketing material for NEMA ensclosures
Ideal material for seal joints, panel doors, ducts in HVAC applications
Sealing equipment and enclosures containing electrical circuitry and components


UL-94-HF1, UL-94-HBF
SAE-J-18 FMVSS-302 UL-94-HBF
ASTM D 1056-67 SCE-42
ASTM D 1056-78 RE-42
ASTM D 1056-87 SCE-42
Mil-R-6130C Type 2, GR.A

Compression Deflection
25% @ 2-5 PSI
Water Absorption
5% maximum
Environmental Exposure
Exposure to Ultra-violet
Hydraulic silicates, and oil
Weather elements, and water
Aliphatic hydrocarbon: gasoline, kerosene
Applications requiring flame retardant capabilities

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