Ring Joint Gaskets

Style 9220 - RX-Type

Phelps Style 9220 are RX-type ring-joint gaskets that are used for high pressure applicationsin the Oil & Gas, oil field drilling, and petrochemicals industry. RX-Type gaskets have slightly increased height and the leverage the internal system pressure to energize and improve the seal as internal pressure increase. Carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel are the most commonly used materials. Below listed pipe sizes & ring number and pressure classes are for API 6B Series Flanges only.

Select the the flange-type, pressure-class, and the ring number suited to your application - Or call or sealing experts @ 1-800-876-SEAL for assistance
Phelps Style 9220 - RX-Type Ring Joint Gasket

Additional Notes
The Style RX is designed to fit the same groove design as a standard style R making joints interchangeable

Other Styles in the Ring Joint Gaskets

Oval, R-Type Ring Joint Gasket

R-Type Octogonal


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