Style 7104/8 - Commercial Neoprene

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber produced by the polymerization of chloroprene. One other neat feature about neoprene is that it’s impermeable, meaning that it can work as a tight barrier to prevent the escaping of gases or liquids. Water & weather resistant properties makes it an ideal outdoor material and an excellent choice for application with exposure to sunlight, ozone, oxidation, rain, snow, sand and dust- all weather conditions. Neoprene is an excellent cushoing material as well.

Material is available in various durometers, thicknesses, rolls sizes, sheet sizes and stripped to custom dimensions
Phelps Style 7104-08: Neoprene Rolls and Sheets
-20°F/-29°C to 190°F/88°C

It is hard to exhaustively list all the application of such a versatile material. Below is a sampling:

  • General gasket and flange applications
  • Electrical insulation, elastomeric membranes or flashings
  • Weather stripping for fire doors and similar applications
  • Bumpers, cushioning, pads, orthopedic braces (wrist, knee, etc.)
40 through 80

40 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 1BC 408, SAE J200 1BC 408, MIL R 3065 SC 408
50 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 1BC 508, SAE J200 1BC 508, MIL R 3065 SC 508
60 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 1BC 609, SAE J200 1BC 609, MIL R 3065 SC 609
70 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 1BC 710, SAE J200 1BC 710, MIL R 3065 SC 710
80 Durometer: ASTM D 2000 1BC 810, SAE J200 1BC 810, MIL R 3065 SC 810

350% - 100% minimum (depending on durometers 40 through 80)
800 - 1000 (for durometer rage: 40-80)
Compatible exposure
Moderate exposure to ozone, oxidation, water
Hydraulic silicates, moderate oil resistance
Impact and abrasive applications
Not compatible with
Ozone or ultra violet (UV)
2.5 lb (40 durometer material)
2.6 lb (50 durometer material)
2.7 lb (60 durometer material)
2.7 lb (70 durometer material)
2.8 lb (80 durometer material)
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