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Style 1400 - Phelps Real Seal® Joint Sealant

Phelps Style 1400 is a universal gasket made from 100% expanded PTFE. Although very strong and tough, it is soft and "marshmallowy" in character, permitting it to conform easily to irregular surfaces and to compress to a thin, wide ribbon under pressure. It comes in the form of a continuous cord with an adhesive bead to aid installation. Because it is 100% PTFE fluorocarbon, it can be used in many applications where other materials fail quickly, either because of attack by corrosive chemicals or because of breakdown from exposure to high or low temperature.

Real Seal® is highly compressive, only light flange bolt pressure is required to effect a seal, particularly useful in plastic, glass and ceramic vessels and pipe

Phelps Style 1400 - Real Seal Joint Sealant, 100% expanded PTFE Gasket, Equivalent to Phelps Style 1500 - Gore-Tex® Joint Sealant
3000 PSI
-450°F/-268°C to 600°F/316°C
Soft White
100% Expanded PTFE

Great for cryogenic applications
Handles all chemicals, solvents and petroleum products.
Neither contaminating nor toxic, and complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550
Excellent as a seal for flanges with rough or damaged surfaces, fragile vessels, pipe and flanges requiring light bolt torque

Additional Notes
Size: 1mm - 1" (Thickness)
Spools: Standard lenghts, annd bulk spools available

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