Standard Moulded O-Rings and O-Ring Kits

Style 8501 - Metric, O-Ring Kits

'O' Ring Kits are an indispensable maintenance related item and should be inventoried in every storeroom. 'O' Rings are the most widely used seal, and no seal lasts forever !
So often very costly "downtime" can be avoided simply by the right 'O' Ring being at hand. Our kits have been carefully designed to handle the widest variety of applications at the lowest cost and require minimal shelf space. Style 8501 Metric comes in a sturdy storage/display case with complete dimension chart, contains 500 'O' Rings, in 36 popular European sizes

Phelps Style 8501 - Metric O-Ring kit

Other Styles in the Standard Moulded O-Rings and O-Ring Kits

Standard Molded O-Rings

U.S. Industrial Standard, O-Ring kits

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