Topog-E Boiler Gaskets

Style 12000 - Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Elliptical / Oval

Topog-E® makes the original molded rubber gaskets that prolong boiler life and are available in sizes to fit every boiler. Topog-E® compound is specifically designed to provide the best resistance to the steam, heat, pressure, water and treatment chemicals of boiler applications.

Special sizes, water hydrant and chemical dome gaskets are available upon request. Topog-E® is available in various componds including Fluorelastomer, FDA Food Grade and Oil Resistant.

Phelps Style 12001 - Topog-E Boiler Gaskets Elliplical Shape

180 PSI / 12 Bar
380F / 190C
Special Topog-E Compound (80-85 Durometer)

Deaerators Filtering units Demineralizers Water towers Make-up tanks Water softeners Water purifiers Refrigeration units Steam humidifiers Hot water heaters Compressed air tanks team pressure vessels Dryer cans in paper mills Liquid treatment vessels

Environment Suitability
Alcohols, Ketones
Phosphate esters
Silicone oils and greases
Animal and vegetable fats
Dilute acids, Bases, Salts, and Glycols
Ammonia and Selected refrigerants

Other Styles in the Topog-E Boiler Gaskets

Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Oblong

Topog-E Boiler Gasket, Round

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