ElastaGraph - A Revolutionary Metal Gasket Technology

January 22nd at 3:02am
Sheet-material based gaskets can fail when used in demanding application such as petro-chemical plants. Some materials can fail because of "pop Read More

How do IMPA Marine Numbers Map to Phelps Industrial's Products

January 8th at 6:44pm
IMPA Marine stores coding/numbers are used in the marine industry to identify marine supplies world-wide. The IMPA system consists of a Read More

How to chose O-Ring material for your fluid sealing applications

October 8th at 7:43pm
O-ring are one of the most commonly used fluid power seals. These seals have a simple donut-shaped ring (technically called a toroid) and are manufact Read More

Troubleshooting O-Ring Failures

August 27th at 9:29am
Like any device subjected to errors in installation or exposure to high stresses, O-rings too are liable to failure. Different materials of O-rings ha Read More

Material for Sound Proofing and Sound Dampening

July 4th at 1:35pm
Sound is undeniably a very important aspect of our existence. Aside from being a major form of communication, it's also put to task in geophysics; in Read More

Which industrial sealant is right for your application

June 11th at 11:26am
What is a sealant? Sealant is a type of mechanical seal that is widely used in domestic and industrial applications in order to fill up unwanted gap Read More

Cork - A Versatile Material for Industrial and Consumer Applications

May 11th at 9:05pm
Cork is the suberous covering (suberose parenchyma, or bark) of the species Quercus Suber L., commonly known as the cork oak. It is composed of an agg Read More

Fiberglass – Types, Properties, and Applications Across Industries

April 7th at 1:45am
A fiberglass is a form of fiber-reinforced plastic where glass fiber is the reinforced plastic. This is the reason perhaps why fiberglass is also know Read More

Closed Cell Sponge Rubber and it's Applications

March 14th at 5:25pm
What is a Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Rubber Produced from 100% neoprene polymer, most closed cell neoprene sponge products meet UL 94HF-1 flame rati Read More

Why Phelps' compressed gasket material is superior

March 9th at 3:04am
Phelps Compressed Gasket Materials (our famous green sheet) have been extensively tested for pressure and high temperature performance. In particular, Read More

Definition And Applications Of Compression Packing

March 3rd at 6:49am
Control of fluid loss is essential to the successful operation of mechanical equipment used in fluid handling. Various methods are utilized to control Read More

How To Install Compression Packing

March 3rd at 6:23am
The importance of packing the pump correctly cannot be overemphasized. Many packing failures are due to incorrect installation of the packing. Th Read More

Trouble-Shooting Compression Packing Failures

March 3rd at 5:59am
Packing may fail for a variety of reasons. Beside improper installation, packing failures are often due to worn or faulty equipment, shaft misalignmen Read More