FAQ | Compressed Gasket Sheet

What is a good Steam Gasket material?


Phelps recommends three kinds of gasket materials for high temperature steam applications ranging upto 300F

  1. Phelps Green Sheets: Thorougly tested to withstand elevated temperatures and high stress loads. Phelps Green Sheet has successfully passed the Hot Compression Test at 572°F (300°C). Phelps has chosen to disclose full and accurate Hot Compression Test results. Aramid fibers with Nitrile biners offer chemical stability, heat resistance, good resistance to various oils, petroleum derivatives, steam, gases, etc.  This material is particularly good in 150 lb., and 300 lb. flange gaskets, steam applications.
  2. Frenzelit Novatec Engineered Graphite: A combination of engineered graphite and rubber binder it a remarkable media and temperature resistance. This is an excellent sheet that works best in flanges, pump casings, heat exchangers, lids, vessels, valve bodies and sight glasses. It can replace flexible graphite in many applications.
  3. Frenzelit Novapress Multi-II: "The steam gasket". Efficient due to the matrix from aramid and irregular surface bundles of graphite. Set standards as one of the first reliable gasket materials in steam applications.

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